My Delicious Path

Lynn-about2Welcome! I’m delighted that you’ve found me.

The most important things you need to know about me are that I’m an unapologetic food lover and I’m here to tell you that I can help you manage your food and eating issues without resorting to shaming you, starving you, or subjecting you to punishing exercise. Really! Now let me tell you a bit about myself.

I grew up in a family of great cooks. My Norwegian grandmother raised, grew, prepared, and preserved almost all of her own food and everything that came out of her kitchen was simple, fresh, and delicious. My mother followed in her culinary footsteps and took great pride in serving our family wonderful food (even though we often begged for Hamburger Helper – it was the 70s after all!). We had a vegetable garden at our summer cottage and meals there were always big noisy affairs filled with laughter, friendship, and huge platters of sparkling fresh produce and superb meat and poultry from the local butcher in the nearby town.

I studied Art History at university but my secret dream was to become a chef so a few years after I graduated I made the leap and attended culinary school. During my 20 years of cooking professionally I had started to see the state of our food supply, our collective health, and the whole conversation around food and what we should be eating take a progressively troubling turn.

The fresh food aisles of local supermarkets had begun to shrink and more and more of my restaurant customers were requesting allergen-free meals. I also noticed that opinions about what the ideal human diet should be become filled with judgment and even anger. I knew that something was amiss.

And I was as confused as anyone else.

There was the camp that declared that vegetarian was the way to go, and other experts who loudly proclaimed that a meat-centric diet was the answer to all of our health and weight woes. Low fat, low carb, Mediterranean, Paleo, raw, vegan, gluten-free, fruitarian! What on earth was a modern eater supposed to eat?

I gradually came to understand that there is no perfect diet. There is only the diet that works for you and your body, and even that can change over time depending on multiple factors including your age and state of health.

I also began to wonder…

… if the fast-paced lives that we were living and the ways that we were becoming unconscious around our meals might be having as big an impact on our health as the foods we were consuming.

In 2007 I was handed the scary diagnosis of breast cancer and two years later I contracted a virus so powerful that it plucked me out of my life and dropped me into a deep hole that took years to crawl out of.   During my recovery (and yes, I’m happy to say that I recovered!) I discovered the work of Marc David and The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, Colorado, and I knew that I had finally found “what I wanted to be when I grew up!”

Marc’s philosophy of food matched my own. He presented a world of eating that didn’t include guilt, shame or wacky unsustainable diets. A world where there were no “virtuous” or “evil” foods – but plenty of healthy ones. In his intensive training course I learned that that we humans are not merely input/output calorie burning machines and that our food and weight issues are not simply a matter of lack of willpower or some kind of personal weakness, but are often, in fact, clues as to where we are carrying around stress and “undigested” life experience. I learned that food and eating issues can be a doorway into…

a more meaningful and satisfying life.

There is a lot of talk these days from nutrition experts who say that we should look at food as merely fuel for our bodies and that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to fall into what they’ve coined,  “the pleasure trap.” This makes me feel sad. Yes, we can become addicted to certain foods, especially those that have been modified by industrial processes to contain the maximum amount of sugar, fat, and salt, but it’s absolutely possible to live a vibrant and healthy life without depriving ourselves of the joy, comfort, and pleasure that food brings us.

If you’re ready to commit to real and lasting change I’m here to walk alongside you on your own “Delicious Path.”

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