The Japanese Art of Eating for Longevity and Vitality Part 3: Go Shiki – Fill Your Plate with Colour

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The colors of a fresh garden salad are so extraordinary, no painter’s pallete can duplicate nature’s artistry. ~Dr. SunWolf One of things that you immediately notice about Japanese cuisine is how beautiful it is. From the delicate crockery to the artistic arrangement of ingredients and the use of natural garnishes like maple leaves and pine branches, eating […]

The Japanese Art of Eating for Longevity and Vitality Part 2: Shun – Eating the Peak of the Season

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“Sex is good, but not as good as fresh, sweet corn.” Garrison Keiler Despite a pretty tough winter weather-wise, spring is finally upon on us and with it comes the anticipation and excitement for all the wonderful vegetables that are now starting to show up in the markets here: strawberries, asparagus, new potatoes, baby turnips, […]


The Cooking Cure

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“The cure for what ails us—both in our bodies and in our nation—can be found in the kitchen. It is a place to rebuild community and connection, strengthen bonds with family and friends, teach life-giving skills to our children, enrich and nourish our bodies and our souls.” Mark Hyman M.D As this is the first […]